How Bad is Venezuela? Interview with Family Fleeing Socialism

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The uncertainty of daily life in Venezuela has made fleeing the best option. Guillermo should be enjoying retirement, instead, he is starting over.

Earlier this month I talked to a father and son from Venezuela, both named Guillermo.

Guillermo, the younger, fled Venezuela a year ago. You can read his account of how the Startup Society Foundation helped him raise Bitcoin online to buy safe passage from Venezuela to Santiago, Chile.

His father at the time of this interview was still in Venezuela. For safety reasons, I couldn’t release the interview until he, his wife, and a younger son were safely in Santiago.

Here we discuss what daily life is like for residents of Venezuela under the socialist regime of Maduro. We talk about hyperinflation and what that means in terms of working for a living, receiving a pension, and buying food.

We also talk about how the crisis has progressed, and what Guillermo is leaving behind.

Now that both Guillermos and their family are safe in Santiago, Chile, we will have a follow-up interview soon.

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