Facebook-Deep State-MSM Complex Threaten First, Second, and Fourth Amendments #Facebook #SocialMedia

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As J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades so accurately points out, if you take a look at the lay of the land today, what you will see is a coordinated and massive assault against some of our most cherished rights — namely the First (Facebook), Second (David Hogg), and Fourth Amendments (Robert Mueller) of the Constitution, all of which are under assault.

On Capitol Hill Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be hauled before Congress,not for his ongoing corporate censorship against right-of-center voices, but for — as Sefton so perfectly puts it — letting the “Trump Campaign successfully employ the same data tools that Obama did four years earlier – which everyone thought was just so super cool and savvy.”

Yes, for the sin of not stopping Trump from enjoying the same level playing field as Obama did in 2012, the government and mainstream media are raking Zuckerberg over the coals, almost as if to distract us from the fact that he is censoring black female Trump supporters like Diamond and Silk, but only after labeling them as “enemies of the stateunsafe to the community.”

While Zuckerberg is thrown into the briar patch of facing dire consequences if he ever again treats conservatives equally, we are apparently supposed to forget that he owns nearly half of the public square, controls much of the means through which we now communicate, and uses phony far-left fact checkers and Kafka-esque rules to de-platform, silence, intimidate, and marginalize ideas and thought, coming from half the country.

YouTube is doing the same, as is Twitter.

Thirty-five years ago, Ma Bell and the U.S. Post Office enjoyed a similar vertical monopoly over the way America communicated. But as long as we did not break any of the laws written by those we elected (as opposed to arbitrary “community standards” written by corporate overlords), we could express ourselves freely in whatever way we chose. Neither Ma Bell not the U.S. Mail monitored our communications, and as a result, Ma Bell never banned anyone from using its service over an opinion that offended the phone company.

Compare that to today’s tech fascists, those who lured us on to their platforms with the promise of free and unfettered speech; and then, once that market was captured, the trap was sprung with rules designed to silence and marginalize the political right.

And that is only the half of it.

Last week Kevin Williamson was fired from the Atlantic over an “unacceptable” abortion opinion. Meanwhile, Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to enjoy his job (as he should) at that same publication even after describing as “not quite human” those first responders who sacrificed their own lives for others on September 11.

Then there are the neverending boycotts ginned up through a “gotcha” campaigns launched by the organized left. It has almost become a daily occurrence to read about another cowardly or compliant corporation joining a jihad to silence someone on the right — oftentimes over opinions, jokes, or ideas, that came from the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, or Jon Stewart a decade or so ago.

Just last week, and simply for accusing media sacred cow David Hogg of “whining,” the left organized an advertiser boycott to destroy Laura Ingraham’s television career. Around 10 or so corporations quickly chose to join this un-American blacklist.  That blacklisting campaign is ongoing.

Yes, the rioter’s and heckler’s veto to silence right-of-center ideas that was once contained on the college campus is now everywhere and mainstreamed.

What decent people, true liberals, used to call “McCarthyism,” “witch hunts,” and “blacklisting,” are now blessed as progressive cures in the cause of not hurting anyone’s feelings.

Meanwhile, Joss Whedon, one of the biggest film directors in the world, can publicly callfor President Trump to die, and go on about his life and career (as he should be allowed to do).

As far as the Second Amendment goes, the aforementioned Hogg is both sword and shield for a media desperate to disarm us. The 17-year-old voluntarily stepped into the arena, has accused millions of NRA members of being “pathetic fuckers that want to keep killing our children,” but if we call him a “whiner,” we are slapped with a scarlet letter and wished into the cornfield.

The push to take our guns is 24/7 in the media, an unrelenting spectacle of lies, misinformation, ignorance, and mostly hate. The idea of repealing the Second Amendment is now openly discussed, not because there is a chance of that happening, but to smooth the way for a de facto repeal when the left enjoys a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.

Never forget Heller.

And guns is yet another arena where cowardly and compliant corporations are hindering our God-given rights — with a form of corporate gun control that, among other things, refuses to sell to anyone under 21 or simply refuses to business with gun hobbyists or the NRA. The media hails these corporations choosing who they will do business with even as they hail the State’s persecution of cake and floral artists who do not wish to violate their religious conscience by participating in a same sex marriage.

On Monday afternoon we learned that another Amendment is not so sacred anymore — the Fourth.

With the unprecedented home and office raid of President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, special counsel Robert Mueller has gone so far as to seize the communications between attorney and client, between Trump and Cohen  — a flagrant violation of the Fourth Amendment. But what do we see in our media? A fear of prosecutorial overreach? A fear of the precedent this might set? No, only media cheerleading due to the fact that their desire to criminalize politics is coming closer to fruition — that they can still hold on to the hope of a Deep State coup that will overturn an entire presidential election.

Be sure to read Sefton’s full piece.

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