We May Have Just Uncovered a Serious Problem With How AI “See”

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Researchers from the University of Washington have discovered that autonomous driving systems can be fooled by physical alterations to street signs, such as the addition of stickers. Future self-driving systems will need to be trained to detect such alterations to avoid potentially devastating problems on the road.


Brain hacking, freezing time & weaponized insects: Meet US military’s dystopian plans #Pentagon #DARPA

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DARPA, the US Military’s research arm, has revealed it’s one step closer to achieving its goal of an implantable human memory prosthesis – just one of several dystopian-sounding projects in the pipeline.


For every Amazon package it delivers, the Postal Service loses $1.46

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An old salesman joke: A salesman says, "We sell below cost." A customer asks how he can do that. "Simple," he says. "We buy below cost."

For a day or so last week, Jeff Bezos passed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. And that's pretty much how he did it.