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STUNNING Fox News segment. Tucker Carlson blows up the entire Syrian chemical weapons false flag (Video) #TuckerCarlson #Syria #NoWarWithSyria

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The first 7 minutes are EXCELLENT & the last 7 minutes with a neocon senator is worthless but Tucker takes him on anyway. Frankly, I'm shocked that neocon #FoxNews allowed Tucker to even say what he said. Tucker is speaking a truth that few in America are willing to acknowledge.

U.S. Navy Destroyer Armed With Tomahawks Arrives Off Syrian Coast, "Harassed" By Russian Warplanes #TrumpForeignPolicy #Syria #NoWarWithSyria

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As the situation in Syria continues to escalate, guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has weighed anchor off Syrian territorial waters, and is reportedly being "harassed" by low-flying Russian warplanes, which have buzzed the "Arleigh Burke" class warship at least four times according to CNN Turk

Why Conservatives Hate War - Conflict erodes a nation’s cultural continuity as well as its finances. #Conservatives #Neocons #USForeignPolicy

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One of the odder aspects of present-day politics is the assumption that if you are antiwar you are on the left, and if you are conservative you are “pro-war.” Like labelling conservative states red and liberal states blue, this is an inversion of historical practice.

Coincidence? Every Time the US Threatens to Pull Out of Syria, Assad Uses Chemical Weapons #Neocons #Syria #NoWarOnSyria #TrumpForeignPolicy

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Late Saturday night, the mainstream media began spreading the news of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria. It was reported that the tragic attack has claimed the lives of some 70 innocent civilians. Immediately after the unconfirmed reports, President Donald Trump began threatening Russia, Iran and “Animal Assad,” and blamed them for the attack.